Two Days and One Night in Davao Oriental: The Island’s Ethnic Charmer

What’s in Davao Oriental for them to have a slogan “The Island’s Ethnic Charmer”? Is it really charming?

Let’s hit the engine and find out!

We left Davao City around midnight and arrived in Aliwagwag Falls around eight in the morning. It could have been too early for us to arrive in this place if we took the other route (Compostella Valley).


Aliwagwag Falls is truly charming. I was in awe looking at this wonderful creation. The cascading waterfall really captures your heart. Not to mention, it was cold during this time. You can not just only get a breathtaking view; but also, you can do a lot of fun adventure activities like their zipline and monkey bridge. Too scary to try, though! I will do it next time. 🙂

At noon, we dropped by at Balite Hot Spring.


At first, we planned to take our lunch here. Since most of us did not like the place, we opted to take our lunch in San Victor Island. It was a great day for us. The weather was fine eventhough Mr. Sun did not show up. Maybe, he is shy.


The next day, Mr. Sun finally showed up!


This is Pilot’s View Beach. If only we had an ample of time, I could have probably experienced swimming in this beach. Clean? Totally yes!! Entrance fee? It costs only 10 pesos (10 php). I’ll go back if I have some time.

Carolina Lake, a true beauty and hidden treasure of Davao Oriental, was the next spot that we visited. We were told that the place was enchanting. The water was clean and it complements with the green life that surrounds it.


What do you think of Davao Oriental? Is it truly “The Island’s Ethnic Charmer”? Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to give a comment below. The places featured here are some of the beautiful wonders in Davao Oriental.


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